UV printing


UV printing on metal business cards is a technique used to transfer patterns, images or text onto the metal surface. It is recommended when your project requires the printing of an image or a detailed design that cannot be engraved, or the printing of a QR code on a mirror-polished finish. This printing method offers great precision and allows you to create sophisticated designs on metal business cards. However, we strongly recommend surface engraving with colour filling to achieve a high-end design that will last over time. With this technique, the colours are injected into the engraved areas, making them resistant to rubbing and wear. This offers superior quality and greater durability than UV printing on metal.

UV printing method

  1. Preparation of the metal surface: before applying UV printing, the metal surface must be prepared. This generally involves cleaning and degreasing the surface to ensure optimum ink adhesion.

  2. UV ink preparation: UV ink exposed to ultraviolet light. Made up of monomers, oligomers, pigments and other specific additives, it cures quickly when exposed to ultraviolet light.

  3. UV printing: the metal plate is placed in the UV printer and UV ink is deposited on the surface of the metal using a print head. The UV light is then directed onto the printed surface, causing the ink to cure instantly.

  4. Post-treatment: once printing is complete, the metal plate can undergo further post-treatment to improve its durability and appearance. This may include the application of a protective coating depending on the finish combination.