Connected business card

Variable data (DATA) is an ideal way of adding personalised information to each card. It can be applied either by spot colour or by laser engraving to make the information on each card unique. These options for marking data on a card enable relevant information to be stored and accessed for specific applications, whether for payments, identification, access or data tracking. It is regularly used by our business customers to personalise cards for their loyal or important customers, to equip employees to facilitate the acquisition of new prospects or to provide specific access.

Please note that this option is invoiced per type of personalisation. If you require several types of variable data, please contact us for a personalised quote.

⁃ Variable data is available in laser engraving or spot colours and cannot be applied with engraving.
⁃ Variable data cannot overlap with other non-variable finishes such as engraving or spot colour
⁃ If a specific font is required for file data, the font file must be supplied.
⁃ All file data content must be supplied in spreadsheet format (e.g. Excel).

For personalising your card using the data option, several options are available:

⁃ Direct tone or laser engraving: surname, first name, membership date, member number, serial number, etc.
⁃ QR code or barcode: membership card, loyalty card,
⁃ Magnetic strip (HiCo, LoCo): membership card, pass card, hotel pass, access badge,
⁃ NFC/RFID : Access badge, hotel pass, data, Vcard, url…
⁃ Chip: membership card, pass card, hotel pass, access badge (by quotation only).