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Discover the elegance of our luxury offset business cards, a clear choice for those who appreciate subtlety and prestige. With quality finishes such as embossing, curved gilding, hot stamping, offset printing and laminating, each card becomes a little work of art. The soft texture of our luxury offset papers adds a subtle feel, while our finishing techniques add a sophisticated touch to your design.

Embossing offers a captivating tactile and visual experience, revealing the exceptional quality of your business. Curved gilding adds an authentic and refined touch to your logo. Hot foil stamping creates a distinctive and memorable effect with our luxurious metallic foils. Offset printing guarantees vivid, vibrant colours with exemplary print clarity. Laminating enhances the durability of the cards and gives them a solid feel in your hands. By superimposing two layers of quality paper, your cards will be even more durable over time.

Our luxury offset business cards are more than just a way to display your contact details. They reflect your professionalism, attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Every time you hand them over, you convey an impression of confidence and elegance, establishing a lasting connection with your contacts by leaving a memorable imprint.

When you opt for a 350g paper weight with embossing or curved gilding, it’s essential to bear in mind that these elements will be continuous, with a raised effect on the front and a recessed effect on the reverse. It is important to note that no information can be positioned opposite the embossed area. If you wish to keep the reverse side of the card intact, we recommend you choose the 700g lamination option. This solution will give you a robust business card while preserving the integrity of the reverse so you can include additional information or a complementary design.

Our team is here to advise you before and during your order. As the options are numerous and technical, don’t hesitate to contact us directly via our contact form. You also have access to our inspiration models where the configuration of the finishes is carried out. Once your order has been confirmed, you can call on our graphic design service or upload your artwork directly to your customer area. Our team will ensure that your design is perfectly adapted to the specifications and technical constraints required in the workshop.

This range of Luxury Offset business cards is the ideal choice for your budget, combining elegance, sobriety and subtlety, leaving a prestigious impression on your customers and prospects while setting you apart from your competitors.

Production times

Turnaround times vary depending on the complexity of your project, your choice of finishes and the number of shots required to design your project. The average turnaround time is 15 days after approval of the press proof + shipment to ups or dhl.

Add 2 to 4 working days for the following finishes:

  • Edge Marking
  • 3D embossing
  • Custom cutting
  • Complex composition

Special orders

If you would like to place an express order with a very tight deadline, and your requirements include more than 10 packs of cards, please do not hesitate to ask us for a personalised quote.

Luxury Offset Business Cards

Customise the quantity, format, thickness, paper and finishes by adjusting the options in your composition.

59.00  HT - 70.80  TTC

Number of versions
Paper choice
Offset Printing
Hot stamping front
Hot stamping back
Metallic inks front
Metallic inks back
Gaufrage traversant uniquement valable sur un choix de papier en 350 gr, veuillez sélectionner en contrecollage ou gamme duplex, triplex.
3D Embossing
Gaufrage traversant uniquement valable sur un choix de papier en 350 gr, veuillez sélectionner en contrecollage ou gamme duplex, triplex.
Edge marking
Edge coloring
Die cutting
Large format finishes
Graphic layout

Don’t forget to select the number of fill colours for the engraving.

Order process

1. Select the quantity and print finishes.

2. Confirm your order and delivery options.

3. Upload your artwork in vector format or use our graphic design services.

4. Check and approve the press proof.

5. Your tracking number is sent when your order is dispatched.

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