Laser engraving


Laser engraving is a method we use to engrave our metal business cards, preferably on anodized metal business cards or for variable data inscriptions. Laser marking involves burning material, also known as carbonization. During this process, a laser strikes the surface of the metal card, burning the area to remove an initial layer of material, leaving the metal visible beneath the anodizing layer. Variable data are also laser-etched. This allows perfect personalization or fast, precise engraving of variable data for membership cards, access cards, vip cards…


Laser engraving on our metal business cards is a process that uses a concentrated laser beam to selectively remove or alter the surface of the metal, creating precise patterns or markings to match your visual. Marking is obtained by contrasting the original color of the material with that obtained when burnt by the laser beam.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choice of laser: we use two main types of laser, depending on the type of etching to be performed (fiber lasers and ultrashort pulse lasers). The choice of laser depends not only on the material, but also on the required depth and precision (e.g. variable data).

2. Material preparation: before starting engraving, the metal surface must be prepared. This may involve cleaning the surface to remove impurities and residues, as well as applying a coating or product to improve the material’s visibility or response to the laser.

3. Laser parameters: laser parameters are configured according to the characteristics of the material to be engraved. This includes laser power, beam speed, pulse frequency and other parameters specific to the laser system used.

4. Engraving: the laser beam is directed at the metal surface and moved according to the desired patterns or designs. When the laser comes into contact with the metal, it generates intense heat that vaporizes or burns the surface. Heat can also cause chemical reactions, such as oxidation or changes in metal color.

5. Control and precision: our laser engraving systems are equipped with advanced control software for precise laser beam positioning. This guarantees high-quality engraving with precise fine resolution.

6. Cooling and protection: during the engraving process, the metal can heat up, which can affect engraving quality. As a result, we implement cooling mechanisms to keep the temperature under control.


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Laser engraving
Laser engraving