Engraving filling

Stainless Steel Metal Business Cards

Engraving is a technique used to highlight an engraved area on our metal cards. It’s an ideal way of incorporating the colors of your corporate identity while preserving the metallic appearance. However, it is important to note that color fill cannot be applied as a full bleed. A supporting edge is needed to contain the ink.

Depending on the options you select in our configurator, you can add up to four fill colors. The color-filling stage after engraving is entirely handmade and individually screen-printed. You can specify the pms color (s) directly in your graphic layout(see our templates). Color filling also enhances the engraving and its relief effect, as well as the surface finish. For all engraving, the indentation area is around 10% of the material, creating a slight relief that you can see and feel to the touch.


  • When engraving on metal, it is necessary to associate a spot color. The engraving creates a recess that accommodates the ink, offering greater resistance to wear and rubbing.
  • Multiple spot colors can be used in close proximity to create complex patterns. However, it’s important to separate each spot color individually with an unengraved border.
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee 100% color matching. However, we will use Pantone Solid Coated color codes as a reference to obtain shades as close as possible to your requirements.