There are three main criteria for choosing the thickness of your metal business card:

  1. The first concerns the design and the depth of the engraving. By opting for a thicker material, you can obtain a deeper engraving, which will accentuate the relief of the positive elements.
  2. The second criterion concerns the card’s usefulness. If the card is to be given to prospects or customers, it is important to consider its weight and thickness so that it can be easily inserted into a card holder.
  3. The third criterion is durability. If the card is likely to be handled frequently, we recommend a thickness of 0.8 mm, which will guarantee its resistance over time.

When it comes to the thickness of our metal business cards (a question that comes up a lot), 0.5 mm is the most common thickness. It’s similar to the thickness of a credit card, but it’s heavier and more sturdy. If you would like to appreciate the quality of our creations or show your customers some examples, don’t hesitate to order a sample kit.

  • 0.5 mm: compatible with all techniques, medium indentation (relief effect). Advantages: weight, strength
  • 0.8 mm: ideal for membership cards, suitable for all techniques, high indentation (raised effect). Advantages: strength, depth of material
  • 1 mm to 1.8 mm: ideal for membership cards, suitable for all techniques, very high indentation (relief effect). Advantage: solidity, depth of material – Disadvantage: weight (by quotation only).