Duplex business card

Thermography is a technique that offers unique quality and a luxurious look. The use of offset printing ink combined with powdered resin creates a striking textured relief effect. The process begins with offset printing using a slow-drying ink. Next, the still wet printed sheets are passed through a tunnel where they are sprinkled with resin. The resin adheres to the inked areas, while the excess is carefully removed. Applying heat melts the resin, resulting in a slightly enlarged, glassy relief image. Thermography offers a variety of powders available, ranging from fine to coarse, with matt or gloss finishes. These powders are transparent and therefore adopt the colour of the underlying ink, allowing for subtle and elegant effects. In addition, transparent ink can be used to create a ‘blind’ effect where the design is transparent. Thermography thus offers a distinctive aesthetic and superior visual and tactile appeal, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a print of exceptional quality.


  • Thermography is a printing technique that offers great flexibility in terms of size, but is best used for fine areas such as text or patterns. Large areas can lead to blistering, which can affect the quality of the final result.
  • As far as the choice of paper is concerned, thermography is compatible with most of our paper references. However, it is advisable to avoid using this technique on highly textured papers, as they can trap the resin powder, compromising the desired rendering. It is therefore important to take these considerations into account when using thermography to ensure optimum, satisfactory results.

Colours available

A wide range of colours can be used in thermography, thanks to the use of different inks and resin powders. You can use any shade of Pantone colour to create relief effects in thermography. This means you have the freedom to choose from a multitude of shades to achieve the look you want.

You can also use special powders to add metallic, pearlescent, neon and many other effects. These special powders add an extra dimension to your project, allowing you to create unique and attractive visual effects.

Whether you want bright, bold colours, elegant metallic tones or sophisticated pearlescent finishes, thermography offers an extensive colour palette to meet your creative needs.


Thermography is an eye-catching technique. It offers a much cheaper alternative to embossing, as we don’t need to produce any additional plates. It literally adds another dimension to the printed material.

Thermography vs 3D Varnish

When it comes to top-of-the-range printing, thermography offers an authentic and refined touch that stands out from the 3D varnish you   find in digital printing. Thermography creates a subtle, textured relief effect that adds a tactile dimension to your projects. This traditional technique offers timeless elegance and a luxurious look, giving your business cards, invitations and correspondence cards a unique and sophisticated appearance. Unlike the less precise 3D varnish used in digital printing, thermography offers a subtlety and authenticity that captivates the eye and the touch.