Paper die-cuts


We offer customised cut-outs for your printing projects. Our workshop uses different cutting methods to meet your creative needs. Whether it’s standard die-cutting for rectangular or rounded shapes, special die-cutting for complex, customised shapes, laser die-cutting for precise, detailed cuts or die-cutting with an embossing press, we have the right solution for every project. With our expertise in die-cutting, we can bring your ideas to life by creating unique and original prints.

Our die-cutting options

Normal cutting: this is the standard cutting option with a right-angle cut.

Rounded corners: this option allows you to choose a cut with a radius of 3 or 6 mm.

Simple shape die-cutting: this option allows you to die-cut your cards to the precise contours of the desired shape, while maintaining a maximum size of 85 x 55 mm. These can be round, oval or hexagonal shapes, personalised silhouettes, specific logos or any other creative shape you want.

Complex laser cutting: our complex laser cutting enables customised shapes on your business cards. We can cut complex patterns with a minimum thickness of 2 mm for lines or bridges. Please note that some very complex cuts may not be feasible, in which case we reserve the right to refuse or propose modifications for your project. We make every effort to offer you customised cut-outs that meet your expectations while guaranteeing technical feasibility.

To find out more

  • Standard die-cutting: standard die-cutting is the most common die-cutting method used in the printing industry. It involves cutting prints along predefined straight lines, creating rectangular, square or rounded shapes.

  • Special cutting: special cutting is used to create more complex, customised shapes. It uses special cutting knives that are tailor-made for each shape required, whether rounded contours, curves or special patterns.

  • Laser cutting: laser cutting uses a laser beam to precisely cut the printing material. This method produces clean, detailed and complex cuts, including very fine shapes and precise contours.

  • Press die cutting: Press die cutting, also known as embossing press cutting, uses a die and a press to cut prints. This makes it possible to produce volume cuts, such as intaglio or relief cuts, which add an extra dimension to the printed pieces.

  • Die-cutting: Die-cutting, or intaglio cutting, is a method that uses a die and a press to create cuts embedded in the print material. This technique is often used to create textured elements or special visual effects.