Mock-up configuration

Configuration instructions
for your graphic model

Please follow the configuration instructions below for your artwork.

Accepted formats

Our workshop only accepts vector file formats. After placing your order, you will need to send us your artwork in Adobe Illustrator (.Ai or .eps) format via your customer area. Your logo must also be in vector format. If you are unable to provide this, we can offer you a logo vectorisation service. Bitmap formats such as .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .bmp are not accepted as they are not compatible with our printing methods.

Text vectoring

We have access to a large number of font catalogues, but you must vectorise your texts before sending the artwork to our team. In the case of data processing for a data finish, we will ask you to provide us with the files or tell us which family to use.

Our graphic services

L’Atelier Print and Press offers tailor-made graphic design services, from simple logo vectorisation to the complete creation of your graphic layouts. Thanks to our in-depth expertise in printing techniques, we can guarantee you creative, high-quality results that will highlight your identity on prestigious media. Our creative team will do everything in their power to bring your ideas to life by creating unique, impactful designs that will have a remarkable effect on your customers and prospects. Our in-depth knowledge of the different techniques and media will give you the best options for highlighting your brand image. For more information, take a look at our graphic design packages or request a quote online.

Ordering templates

After placing your order, you can download a template for your printing project from your customer area. Please note that although your vector files are required to produce the proof, the use of templates does not replace our proof approval process. Once your order has been placed, our team will check that everything conforms to our technical workshop production specifications. The final BAT proof will be sent to you before production can begin.

Templates to download in your customer area
Business cards

Luxury range | Letterpress & Offset

Business Cards

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Other formats

Luxury range | Letterpress & Offset