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Our graphics studio offers you the possibility of converting your file from the Canva site, by creating a graphic mock-up specifically designed to meet our technical constraints in our workshop.

To do this, we’ll reproduce your example from the Canva site, which is particularly suitable for novice users. This conversion will enable us to comply with our technical constraints during production in the workshop, particularly in terms of typography scale, hot stamping, photoengraving and laser engraving. Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll need to export your Canva file in SVG format, then upload it to your customer area.

We will then provide you with a print proof to validate production in the workshop, ensuring that your file meets our requirements. Thanks to this approach, we can guarantee you a graphic design adapted to our printing techniques and constraints, while involving you in the graphic design process.


1. After confirming your order, go to the canva.com website

2. Once logged in, click on your project and download it in SVG format. If you are unable to export it in this format (premium), please contact us directly. We’ll send you an email address so you can share your project.

3. Upload your file directly to your customer area.

4. Our graphic design team will then get to work converting your file into a professional graphic mock-up.

5. You will receive your final proof by e-mail, which is a graphical representation of the final result of your graphic design. This document allows you to view and approve the result before approving it for production.


Please note that our service is limited to converting your Canva file into a graphic mock-up. All the graphic elements inside must be in vector format, including your logo. However, we are able to make additional changes before providing you with the final proof. This will give you the opportunity to make adjustments and touch-ups to ensure that the graphic mock-up perfectly matches your expectations before it is finally approved.

Mock-up redesign | Canva

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Don’t forget to select the number of fill colours for the engraving.

Order process

1. Select the quantity and print finishes.

2. Confirm your order and delivery options.

3. Upload your artwork in vector format or use our graphic design services.

4. Check and approve the press proof.

5. Your tracking number is sent when your order is dispatched.

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